Plastic surgery in Korea was very popular because most women and men in Korea wants the perfect body and face.  Korean people undergone from eyelid surgery to get the double eyelid and nose surgery as well because most of them has wide nose and  small eyes. Korean's look like an extraneous being that live on earth because of their huge eyes. A surgery that is most common in Korea is the Double eyelid, it makes the eyes looks round and huge and this is the highest rate of plastic surgery in Korea.

In Korea, being attractive and being beautiful is the most important to the Korean girls. People in Korea are highly respected if you are a good looking person. For those employees who wants to get a higher position in their company and to give them an extra added age, they will undergo for plastic surgery. The reason why some of Korean wants to undergo in these surgery because they want to get a pretty look. Not only women are interested in the surgery but also men got hooked on this surgery also.

The reason is to boost their confidence to face other people. They spend more money and time to become good looking and be recognized in the competitive society in Korea. Plastic surgery in Korea for men are very common because it creates good image and smoothness on skin after plastic surgery and they feel very comfortable and confident.  There are some popular types of plastic surgery for men like, hair transplant, liposuction, nose surgery and even reduction of breast.

Plastic surgery in Korea is much more cheaper appraisement than other surgeon in other country, so more people in Korea can afford it.  Even celebrities even though they are not Korean undergone  plastic surgery. It was a big decision to make before you go for plastic surgery, because this is also a worthwhile investment.
Influence of celebrities are the plus factor why the plastic surgery in Korea is popular. They have excessively remade their own  appearance under plastic surgery.  Female and male celebrities in Korea have a strong motivation from their followers. The successful transformation after the plastic surgery have a high impact for many Koreans.  First impression for the celebrities are their appearance and not on their talent.

Before you go for plastic surgery you need to go first to your doctor for the consultation.  Aside  from that, you have to think first of your motivation and why do you want a change as well also the expectations after the operation. Is it reasonable to your goals? Plastic surgery procedures will enhance your natural features so it is also advisable to choose the certified plastic surgeon for the sake of your happiness.